Setup Automatic Bounce Handling

Bounces are an indication that the email could not be delivered because the user does not exist, no longer exists, or is unable to accept your email. If your account has high bounce rates it can have a negative impact on your delivery rate, even have your account suspended by your Email Service Provider. So it makes sense to clean up those bounced email addresses when necessary.

Emailsaler can automatically delete bounce email addresses from your contact groups, it just takes a few steps.

1. Open Emailsaler and click on menu Tools -> Bounced and Unsubscribed.

2. On the Bounced and Unsubscribed dialog box, click "Bounced" to create a new bounced policy.

3. Enter your POP3 account information in the Settings dialog box. Contact your email administrator or provider or for help with any settings you’re unsure of.

4. Select a policy and then click "Start" to run it.

5. If you select "Mask as Bounced" in the Settings dialog box, maybe you can see some email addresses have been marked as bounced in your contact group. In the next campaign, Emailsaler won’t waste time for trying to send the message to these invalid recipients.

Please note that the keywords to identify bounce back are specified in the Options dialog box.